Letter from our Growth Team

Dear Potential New Member,

First, thank you for your interest in Alpha Sigma Tau! We hope whatever you’re looking for, you find it, here or elsewhere.

As the current Vice President of Growth of our chapter, I’d like to share with you my personal experience with recruitment. You might be in the same position I was not too long ago – in need of a place to belong. I watched as my roommate and other friends found their own places to call their own, like different clubs or groups on campus. Feeling isolated, I considered all of my options. I thought back to the involvement fair I attended a while back, trying to remember which clubs I found interesting. I remembered as I somehow found my way down the little path full of sororities, I was approached by the girl who happened to help me move in on my first day at Seton Hall. She told me all about Alpha Sigma Tau as I just nodded, took the little card she handed me, and eventually stuffed it in my desk.

A sorority definitely wasn’t for me…right? I mean, I wasn’t “that girl”. I didn’t fit in with the stereotype I saw in every movie and TV show I ever watched. Greek life just wasn’t for me. But I mean, the girl was super nice, and she said some pretty great things. Maybe I’ll just go to Meet CPC and check things out a little more. After Meet CPC, I was sold on the idea. Hearing about the passion behind AST truly inspired me, whether it was their philanthropy or their bond as sisters, everything they said sounded just like what I wanted to be a part of. As I went through rounds, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t extremely stressful. But once bid day came, I knew then that the few chaotic days I had previously, completely paid off. Being surrounded by people who immediately accepted me and showed me unconditional love was just what I was looking for. That love even extends past this chapter to the thousands of Alpha Sigma Tau women around the country.

Is going Greek for everyone? Not necessarily. But being “that girl” is really just a myth made for TV shows and movies. Being a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau is anything but that unrealistic stereotype. Being a Tau means being a leader, being someone who wants to be active in their community, someone who wants to make a difference, someone who is an individual. Alpha Sigma Tau will help you become a better version of you, all while being surrounded by girls who will love and support you during and after college.

If you’re looking for an organization to call your own, a way to grow as an individual, an opportunity to do amazing philanthropic work, or just to meet some new people – consider going Greek. Going Greek, although not my original vision for myself as a college woman, certainly changed my life for the better. All of our members will leave here at Seton Hall with incredible memories, lifelong friends, and a sisterhood that will last a lifetime. We are excited to meet any women who are interested in becoming a part of Greek Life at Seton Hall. We look forward to meeting you!

Tau Love,

Yannis Alejo

For more information, please contact Yannis at yannis.alejo@student.shu.edu